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Pointless pondering on predatory (meaning greedy)  publications (meaning journals) while practicing publishing through freedom of the Press



P Kangueane & S Pavithra



Biomedical Informatics (P) Ltd, Pondicherry India





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Published April 30, 2020



It is a pointless pondering (thinking) on predatory (meaning greedy) publications (meaning journals) while practicing publishing through freedom of the Press. It should be noted that a weak publication will vanish (disappear) itself in an open access publishing model where contents are made available for free on the WWW. The fundamental question in this context is the definition of host (congregation) and predator (intruder). The second question is the type (data and or commercial) and subsequent measure of effect of the predator on the host. Detailed discussion on this issue or any other related issue is welcomed under the freedom of the Press yet conclusion on it will be often biased and is clearly unwarranted. The parties aware of such concerns should write to the publisher (with address for communication) to take such action within such time to stand corrected. Please be informed that ISSN is unique for each publication and portals for ISSN is distributed throughout the world in each country. This is well monitored and clearly streamlined. Therefore, NO two publication titles will be identical. Awareness from authors on misleading or misinformed or misrepresented ISSN is important and such information should be petitioned to ISSN and  portals for ISSN that are distributed throughout the world with state mechanisms to monitor such activities. Academia should be self aware on these issues and have discussions on the quality and quantity of data taken to the context. Caveat Emptor is applicable to a considerable extend among the literate community as in this case. The only problem could arise because of compromised (unregistered or mirrored) ISSN number publsihed on the WWW which is already well regulated through DNS lookup. Therefore, parties concerned about ethical issues on scientific publishing should write to concerned publishers with known address to stand corrected or to ISSN and  portals for ISSN or to DNS lookup where address is not available to correct such issues through available state mechanisms. Hence, biased advisory notes from government representations, society sponsored mass campaign through news/TV media and academic miss representation based on data collected by an individual without physical address for communication is clearly unwarranted in this regard.



predatory (meaning greedy) publications (meaning journals), ISSN, DNS, Caveat Emptor



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P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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