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From Anna University to America to Agriculture


Pandjassarame Kangueane



Biomedical Informatics (P) Ltd, Pondichery 607 402, India





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January 31, 2021



Anna University (AU) is an awesome alma mater for attracting the attention of the invincible through awareness from education. It is a place with a plan for preparing a palace in a person’s life. It is an avenue for America through adequate cGPA and Advanced GRE (AGRE) with good TOEFL score. The views, visions, modes and models of several faculty members shaped many technocrats, teachers, entrepreneurs, journalists, editors and even farmers. Technology is engineering with science. The foundation and facilities at AU is priceless. AU created the framework for Industrial Biotechnology, a truly inter disciplinary curriculum with an optimal blend of Engineering and Science (Biology especially Agriculture and Healthcare through organic chemistry) in 1992 almost 28 years back. The place was positioned just perfect in the world for wonders to come true. The Raman auditorium (in reverence to the Nobel Laureate Sir CV Raman) reassured rational research with reasonable respect in many minds at the ACTECH (Alagappa College of Technology) under the administration of AU. My admiration, acknowledgement and accountability for the alma mater, the AU remains and will always remain precious. This helped me personally to move from AU, India and serve at NUS, Singapore, Chiron Corporation, USA, NTU, Singapore, Biomedical Informatics (P) Ltd, India, VIT, India, AIMST, Malaysia in several capacities. I did returned back to my roots at Pondicherry doing scientific journalism (BIOINFORMATION), business (BIOMEDICAL INFORMATICS) and agriculture. My joyful journey doing teaching, developing creativity in research towards “drug discovery” especially peptide vaccine design, promoting open access scientific journalism, editing (BMC BIOINFORMATICS), enabling business (checking balance sheets in compliance with company and tax acts) and contributing to agriculture is by itself a justice for my birth on this planet.



Science, Engineering, Technology, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering



Kangueane, Bioinformation 17(1): 29-36 (2021


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P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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