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Neutrino communication, intergalactic transit, and Astrobiology


Paul Shapshak



Division of Infectious Diseases and International Health, Tampa General Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine, University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine, Tampa, FL 33606, USA; *Corresponding author





Article Type

Research Article



Received December 12, 2021; Revised January 2, 2022; Accepted January 2, 2022, Published February 28, 2022



This is a brief summary, snapshot, of a few issues that relate to possible communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) using neutrinos. Essentially, more research is required to better understand possible detection and communication with intelligent life (Astrobiology and ETI). Because of the possible scarcity of life in any single galaxy, to enhance the possibility of life detection, inter-galactic transit neutrinos necessitate consideration. Neutrino-based potential communications are inferred as the optimal mechanism or venue for detection of communications from ETI as well as sending communications to ETI. A paradox exists within this central theme. On the one hand, neutrino technology should be further developed and used to receive signals from or to send signals to ETI, because they transit inter-galactic distances. On the other hand, however, neutrinos have a very low cross-section interaction and are very difficult to detect. This concise Editorial incorporates several diverse research areas. Various issues are briefly and conjointly mentioned to inform the reader of multiple fields required towards a deeper understanding of astrobiology, astro virology, and ETI. This understanding is required for future advances, just as innovations in classical physics, quantum mechanics, particle physics, biophysics, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology were required for the breakthroughs and advances in biology and virology, from the last century to the present thus, the need for innovations and applications in neutrino particle physics research.



Neutrino, communication, detection, transmission, electro-magnetism, signal, galaxy, paradox, astrobiology, astro virology, extra-terrestrial intelligence (ETI), Standard Model, boson, X-17, Glashow resonance, flavor, oscillations, weak force.



Shapshak, Bioinformation 18(2): 72-75 (2022)


Edited by

P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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