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Variations in the shape of foramen magnum at the base of human skulls among Indians in Rajasthan


Raj Kumar1, Hemant Ashish Harode2, Rakesh Vora1 & Mayankkumar Javia1,*



1Department of Anatomy, Shantabaa Medical College & General Hospital, Amreli, Gujarat 365601 India; 2Department of Anatomy, Zydus Medical College & Hospital, Dahod, Gujarat 389151 India; *Corresponding author



Mayankkumar Javia - drjaviamd@gmail.com; Phone: +91 9428242445;
Raj Kumar - rghanghas@gmail.com
Hemant Ashish Harode - hemantashish786@yahoo.com
Rakesh Vora - rakesh.vora26@gmail.com


Article Type

Research Article



Received April 2, 2022; Revised May 31, 2022; Accepted May 31, 2022, Published May 31, 2022



Variations in the shape of foramen magnum can affect the normal anatomy of vital structures passing through it. Therefore, it is of interest to evaluate the various shapes of foramen magnum by using CT scans performed in patients of Indian population to establish clinical correlation. A total of 314 CT images of human skull base obtained from the Department of Radio-diagnosis, Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan were used in the present study. All the patientsí CT scans were observed to determine the shape of foramen magnum. They were classified into one of the following shapes: Oval, round, tetragonal, egg shaped, hexagonal, pentagonal and irregular. The shapes of the foramen magnum in CT scans were oval in 39.09%, round in 22.61%, tetragonal in 12.10%, hexagonal in 10.51%, irregular in 7.96%, pentagonal in 5.41% and egg shaped in 1.59% CT images. Data shows that it is easy to operate at the base of skull in case of round, oval and hexagonal shape foramen magnum, as the working space is more in these shapes.



Radiological study, CT Image, variations, shape, foramen magnum



Kumar et al. Bioinformation 18(5): 488-491 (2022)


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P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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