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Effect of RFEMR on NSE and MDA levels in Sprague Dawley rats


Pravallika Pagadala1,*, MS Vinutha Shankar1 & ME Sumathi2



1Department of Physiology, Sri Devaraj Urs Academy of Higher Education & Research, Tamaka Kolar, Karnataka, India 563103; 2Department of Biochemistry, East Point College of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India560049. *Corresponding author



Pravallika Pagadala - E-mail:pravallikapagadala5@gmail.com. Telephone: +91 9494208365, Fax-08152-243008. Orcid-0000-0001-6250-793X


MS Vinutha Shankar - E-mail:vinutha.shankar@gmail.com. Telephone: +91 9845065374, Fax-08152-243008. Orcid-0000-0002-5601-5346

ME Sumathi - E-mail:drsuma_bio@yahoo.co.in. Orcid - 0000-0001-9096-1937


Article Type

Research Article



Received January 11, 2022; Revised June 30, 2022; Accepted June 30, 2022, Published June 30, 2022



Radiofrequency emitted radiations (RFEMR) from mobile phones are known to produce a stress response because of its effect on hypothalamus. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives with increasing usage not only in terms of number of users but also increase in talk time. Therefore, it is of interest to study the effect of mobile phone radiofrequency electromagnetic radiations on NSE and MDA levels in SD rats. Twelve male SD rats of 10-12weeks old, weighing 180-220 grams, were purchased from registered laboratory breeders & housed in a room with 12:12hourís light-dark cycle with adlibitum amount of food and RO water. Present study showed significant increase in NSE and MDA levels in rats exposed to RFEMR. This study proves that mobile RFEMR causes oxidative stress and oxidative damage in SD rats.



Oxidative stress, oxidative damage, reactive oxygen species, neuronal cells, brain damage



Pagadala et al. Bioinformation 18(6): 501-505 (2022)


Edited by

P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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