Invitation for contribution on “Exosomes and Other Non-Immune Modulators of Oral Immune Surveillance”

Invitation for contribution on “Exosomes and Other Non-Immune Modulators of Oral Immune Surveillance”

Dear Professors,

It is a pleasure to invite you to contribute an original article or review article in the special issue on " Exosomes and Other Non-Immune Modulators of Oral Immune Surveillance " under the editorship of Francesco Chiappelli, PhD and myself, to be published in the journal, Bioinformation. The submission deadline for the article is March 15th, 2018. The special issue will be published in July 2018. A possible topic for your article could be: “Exosomes and Other Non-Immune Modulators of Oral Immune Surveillance” or a related topic of your selection.


We hope that you are interested in contributing an article. Please send us the title and a brief abstract of your proposed manuscript by email as soon as possible (


Bioinformation ( is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, and all published articles are made freely available online without a subscription. This journal is indexed in PubMed Central (PMC), PubMed, CROSS REF DOI, CITE FACTOR and EBSCO and has an international Editorial Board and readership. Moreover, all published articles have an assigned DOI and they will be made freely available on PubMed Central at the time of publication.


Please be informed that the open access charges will be 100% waived for this special issue.


The author guidelines are described below.


Please do not hesitate to contact us ( if you have any questions about this Special Issue or about the journal.


We look forward to your positive response.


Sincerely yours,


Prof. Dr. Francesco Piva, PhD

Department of Specialized Clinical Sciences and Odontostomatology, School of Medicine, Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona – ITALY


Prof. Dr. Francesco Chiappelli, PhD

Division of Oral Biology and Medicine, UCLA School of Dentistry, ‪Los Angeles, CA 90024. USA.



Author Guidelines

Submission Deadline March 15, 2018


All submissions should be prepared strictly per author guidelines to avoid processing delays.




Regular article or review (2500 words, 2 illustrations and/or 2 table)


Please note that additional illustrations are acceptable instead of tables.

Word count is recommended but can be modified as necessary.


Manuscripts should be organized as follows:


File format - Microsoft Word

The manuscript including tables and figures should be prepared as a single file.


Figures and tables should be appended at the end of the manuscript file.


The first page is the title page.


The second page should contain author names and affiliation with contact information.


The third page should contain the Abstract.


Please number all pages.


Suggested word Limit: 2500 words (not restricted)

Abstract 250 words

Background 750 words

Methodology 500 words

Results and Discussion 750 words

Conclusion 250 words

References - maximum 20

Key Words 5-10


There should be a statement of no conflict of interest or state what the conflict of interest is.

References should be numbered in order of appearance.

Reference format example- DT. Leung et al. Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2012 10:435-44. PMID: ‪22512753