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Insights into morphometry and topography of corpus callosum among Indians



KL Varalakshmi, SR Anusha, Prajwal K Muthaiah* & BS Harshini Jain



Department of Anatomy, MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, Hoskote, Bangalore; India; *Corresponding author:



KL Varalakshmi - E-mail: drvara.hitesh@gmail.com

SR Anusha - E-mail: anushasr201@gmail.com

Prajwal K Muthaiah - E-mail: prajwamuthaiahmk@gmail.com

BS Harshini Jain - E-mail: harshujain161@gmail.com


Article Type

Research Article



Received November 1, 2023; Revised November 30, 2023; Accepted November 30, 2023, Published November 30, 2023



Corpus callosum is one of the major association fibre of brain performs an integral role of integration and communication of information between the two hemispheres. 50 formalin fixed cerebral hemispheres (25 right and 25 left) were used for the study. The longitudinal and vertical length of brain, longitudinal length and height of corpus callosum, distance of corpus callosum from various landmarks such as frontal and occipital pole, anterior commissure, lamina terminalis, and highest point on parietal pole and width of different parts of corpus callosum and height were measured. Results were analysed statistically. The results showed positive correlation between the longitudinal dimension of brain and all other parameters. Morphometric variation in size and its relation to nearby structures are seen in many neurological and psychiatric conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. Hence the present study can be used as reference by neurologist, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists.



Corpus callosum, anterior commissure, lamina terminalis, Alzheimer’s disease



Varalakshmi et al. Bioinformation 19(11): 1063-1066 (2023)


Edited by

P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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