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Tumor regression efficacy of Punica granatum L leaf extract against K562 leukemia cancer cells



Poojitha B. Sridhara Setty & SM Gopinath*



Department of Studies in Biotechnology, Davangere University, Davangere - 577 007, Karnataka, India; *Corresponding author



Poojitha B. Sridhara Setty - E-mail: bspujitha@gmail.com; Phone: +91 9535491355

Shanbogh Maheshwarappa Gopinath E-mail: gopinath@davangereuniversity.ac.in; Phone: +91 8660793877


Article Type

Research Article



Received May 1, 2023; Revised May 31, 2023; Accepted May 31, 2023, Published May 31, 2023



It is of interest to describe the extraction and isolation of ethyl heneicosanoate (EHO) from Punica granatum. L plant leaves. Further, the structure of isolated molecule, EHO was confirmed through various spectroscopic tools viz., infrared (FT-IR), proton NMR and mass spectroscopy. The tumor regression potential of EHO was evaluated against K562 leukemia cancer cells. A significant reduction in the viability and metabolic activity was obtained in vitro for K562 cell lines when treated with EHO molecule. Further, the results depicted that the activities of EHO is directly related to the alkyl chain length. The xenograft model of mice illustrated a lower propensity of tumor growth in the group receiving EHO molecule, compared with the group receiving Bortezomib (positive control). The obtained results suggest that the animals treated with Bortezomib showed a tumor growth inhibition up to 77.51 3.74 whereas, the EHO showed the inhibition up to 23.37 25.44 and 40.64 16.45 % at 200 mg/kg and 400 mg/kg respectively. Moreover, the results indicate that the activity of EHO in the induction of apoptosis in induced leukemia cancer.



Leukemia cancer cells, Punica granatum, cell cycle arrest, apoptosis.



Sridhara Setty & Gopinath, Bioinformation 19(5): 536-539 (2023)


Edited by

P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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