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A meta-analysis of amnion membrane in gingival recession



Mohamed Lubaib, Shivani Dhawan*, Ena Sharma, S.M Sivaraman, Tajinder Pal Singh Sandhu & Noel George



1Maharishi Markandeshwar College of Dental Sciences and Research (MMCDSR) Ambala, India; 2Department of Epidemology and Biostatistics, KLE Academy of higher Education and Research, India; *Corresponding author



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Noel George E-mail: noelgeorge2007@gmail.com


Article Type

Research Article



Received May 1, 2023; Revised May 31, 2023; Accepted May 31, 2023, Published May 31, 2023



This systematic review was conducted to evaluate the effects of Amniotic Membrane (AM) as compared with other treatment modalities on the clinical outcomes, in gingival recession defects. Only Randomized controlled clinical trials published before 2020 were included. Studies were divided into 5 subgroups (1) Coronally advanced flap (CAF)+AM v/s Chorion membrane (CM) (2) CAF+AM v/s CAF+PRF (3) CAF+AM v/s CAF+Collagen membrane (4) CAF+AM v/s CAF (5) CAF+AM v/s CAF+ Subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG).  Studies were evaluated for Recession Depth (RD) (Primary outcome); Clinical Attachment Level (CAL), Recession Width (RW) and Width of Keratinized Gingiva (WKG) (Secondary outcomes). The inverse variance approach was utilised in fixed or random effect models for the meta-analysis, which were chosen based on heterogeneity. Results suggested that the use of AM membrane showed comparable results in improving RD, RW, or CAL in the treatment of Miller Class-I and Class-II gingival recession compared to the other treatment modalities. However, CAF+AM resulted in statistically significant improvement in RD and RW than CAF+SCTG, though CAL gain was statistically more with CAF+SCTG. However, increase of WKG was found to be statistically significantly more in all the other treatment modalities as compared to CAF+AM. With properties like self-adherence, bioavailability and presence of growth factors AM with CAF can produce good aesthetic root coverage comparable to SCTG and PRF, where width of keratinized gingiva is adequate. 



Recession, coronally advanced flap, amnion membrane, meta-analysis, recession depth



Lubaib et al. Bioinformation 19(5): 670-678 (2023)


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P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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