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Diversity of small round cell sarcoma in soft tissues around bone among Indian patients



Guddi Rani Singh1, Bharti Kumari1, Anuja Mishra2*, Dinesh Kumar Sinha3, Debaditya Haldar4 & Shabana Azad5



1Department of Pathology, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bihar, India; 2PathologyConsultant Pathologist, Indira Pathlabs (A unit of Indira IVF Pvt. Ltd.), Patna, Bihar, India, 4Department of Radiation Oncology, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Bihar, India; 5Department of Pathology, IGIMS, Patna, Bihar, India; 6Oncopathology, Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India; *Corresponding author; Communicated by Vini Mehta – E-mail: vinip.mehta@gmail.com; vini.mehta@statsense.in



Guddi Rani Singh - E-mail: drgrsinghpatho@gmail.com; Phone: +91 99554 31290

Bharti Kumari - E-mail: bchoudhary1012@gmail.com; Phone: +91 91101 91976

Anuja Mishra - E-mail: anujamishra07@gmail.com; Phone: +919561070848

Dinesh Kumar Sinha - E-mail: drdineshkumarsinha@gmail.com; Phone: +91 97714 33132 5.

Debaditya Haldar - E-mail: haldardebaditya@gmail.com; Phone: +91 87777 30491

Shabana Azad - E-mail: shabazad18@gmail.com; Phone: +91 73599 02902


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Research Article



Received August 1, 2023; Revised August 31, 2023; Accepted August 31, 2023, Published August 31, 2023



Round cell tumors are a group of malignant tumors which shows overlapping microscopic features of small round monotonous cells with hyper-chromatic nucleus. It mostly occurs in children, adolescent, and young adults. The ancillary technique to confirm the differential diagnosis of round cells sarcoma is immuno-histo chemistry (IHC). Therefore, it is of interest to document the diversity of small round cell sarcoma in soft tissues around bones among Indian patients using IHC. A total of 334 cases among Indians were studied. Among them 160 cases were Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, 82 cases are poorly differentiated carcinoma and 92 cases of round cell sarcoma. Out of 92 cases, there were (40%) 27 cases of Wilms tumour, with the highest incidence. The highest incidence was observed in 0-14 years of age group with highest incidence in males. The distribution and diverse histology of different small round cell sarcoma offers challenge in the diagnosis by histopathology. Most frequent round cell tumour is Wilms tumour, followed by Rhabdomyosarcoma. Data shows the role of IHC in classifying soft tissue sarcoma but some time result of IHC remains inconclusive, where cytogenetic is important.



Small round cell sarcoma, immune histochemistry, tumor.



Singh et al. Bioinformation 19(8): 871-875 (2023)


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P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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