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Molecular docking analysis of Omt-A protein model from Aspergillus flavus with synthetic compounds



Maneesh Kumar1*, Ganesh Chandra Sahoo2, Waquar Akhter Ansari3, Mohammad Ajmal Ali4,*, Mohammad Abul Farah5 & Joongku Lee6



1Department of Biotechnology Magadh University, Bodh Gaya- 824231, Bihar, India; 2ICMR-Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Agamkuan, Patna-800007, Bihar, India; 3ICAR-Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi-221005, Uttar Pradesh, India; 4Department of Botany and Microbiology, College of Science, King Saud University, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia, 5Department of Zoology, College of Science, King Saud University, Riyadh 11451, Saudi Arabia; 6Department of environment and forest resources, Chungnam, National University, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea;*Corresponding authors



Maneesh Kumar - E-mail: kumar.maneesh11@gmail.com

Ganesh Chandra Sahoo - E-mail: sahoo.gc@icmr.gov.in

Waquar Akhter Ansar E-mail: waquar.ansari@gmail.com

Mohammad Ajmal Ali E-mail: alimohammad@ksu.edu.sa

Mohammad Abul Farah E-mail: mfarah@ksu.edu.sa

Joongku Lee E-mail: joongku@cnu.ac.kr 


Article Type

Research Article


Received October 1, 2023; Revised October 31, 2023; Accepted October 31, 2023, Published October 31, 2023



Aflatoxin is a potent mycotoxin of Aspergillus flavus that has been classified as a Group I carcinogen. O-methyltransferase A (Omt-A) is a critical enzyme in the formation of aflatoxin. It catalyzes the methylation of norsalic acid to form the highly toxic intermediate averantin. The ligand-protein interaction of Omt-A was performed with piperlonguminin and blasticidins. The maximum affinity of -10.6 was found for the 5ICC_A piperlonguminine at site1 (X,Y,Z: -15.282, 21.785, 5.672). Compounds such as Blasticidin S, Neoeriocitrin, Blasticidin S - hydrochloric acid, 6,6''-Bigenkwanin, Pipernomaline, and Eriodictyol were found to have binding features to protein residues, as shown by computational interaction at the molecular level.



Aflatoxin, docking, product template, O-methyl-transferase



Kumar et al. Bioinformation 19(10): 990-994 (2023)


Edited by

P Kangueane






Biomedical Informatics



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